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Mental Wellness for New Graphic Designers

If you’re an early workplace designer, know this: The things you’re struggling with? You’re not the only one. 

Starting a creative career or business is HARD. To my knowledge, these are some things we all have to learn:

  1. You will fall into the comparison trap. It’s normal but can be a killer. I follow other designers, but usually only people who are doing different work than I am and have a different style/aesthetic from me. This inspires me and challenges me to try to new things, rather than feeling like I’m in competition. 

2. Set boundaries around your time and work. How many revisions are included in your process? What do you charge for extra rounds? What are your working hours? etc.

3. Notice how you feel BEFORE you burn out. Knowing how you personally like to recharge can give you something to look forward to and help you recover faster. It’s different for everyone.

4. Don’t work alone! Find a creative community to share ideas with, talk through issues, and lament together.

5. Your career will be full of “feedback.” Probably on every project. The goal isn’t to receive zero feedback – it’s to learn how to listen to your clients well and anticipate their needs.

6. Failure doesn’t mean you’re a bad graphic designer. It’s part of the process. We all fail.

As a graphic designer with nearly 10 years of experience, I still have to reminder myself of these things too.

If you’re a creative, what would you add to this list?

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