“Do you guys ever think about dying?”


Johnathan and I were out and about this week exploring more of London and the neighborhood we’ll be living in for at least the next 6 weeks (I’ll send a link to our cute Air BnB after we leave!) 

Over the weekend, we enjoyed being tourists (Tower of London, Borough Market, St. Paul’s Cathedral, local shopping, etc.) and since we of course don’t have a car, we either walked or took the tube or buses all over the city. While I am certainly not the first American to marvel at the efficiency and availability of foreign public transportation systems, it really did have me thinking about the sheer number of people moving around London on any given day. 
In the middle of one tube stop, as I was scrambling along with 20 other people to board the same car as quickly as possible, I laughed as I thought about the famous moment from the new Barbie movie where, in the middle of a choreographed dance sequence, Barbie blurts out, “Do you guys ever think about dying?”
Traveling, especially in big cities, always makes me think about just how many people there are in the world. It makes me feel that small feeling, in a good, realistic way. It forces perspective on me, and I am reminded that many of my “problems” are not actual problems. Everyone has a story. Everyone is having a day. And really, truly, no one is looking at me. I guess just call me Existential Barbie?
My question is, have you ever had a similar experience? How did it feel for you? Humbling? Thrilling? Uncomfortable? Familiar? Feel free to leave comment below if you want to share thoughts. 

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